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Intel: FPGA and eASIC Partner

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Intel and SFAL are happy to announce Intel FPGA Innovation Lab at SFAL, Bangalorepremise with capabilities of various FPGA Boards systems and path to enable eASICtechnology accessed for free by all SFAL Companies. Wide range of Intel FPGA Boardsare provided with relevant software for companies to execute and work on variouscombination of chips/designs. Intel also offers the proven eASIC option, Intel eASICdevices are structured ASICs, an intermediary technology between FPGAs and standard-cell ASICs that provide lower unit-cost and lower power compared to FPGAs and faster time-to-market and lower NRE cost.

Intel and SFAL are committed to help Fabless IP design houses to deliver innovative and scalable FPGA based system design, increase profitability by accessing Intel FPGA technology and quick TTM.

For more information on accessing lab and other related questions, reach out to – or call +91 88840 07325.
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FPGA Innovation Lab @ SFAL

Boards available @ SFAL

DE10-Lite (Altera Max10) – 5 Nos.

DE1-SoC (Altera Cyclone V) – 1 No.

DE10-Pro (Intel Stratix10) – 1 No.

To download Quartus Tools, click here (Link:

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